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16 February 2003

A carousel of time

So it's come to this: fisking thirty-year-old songs by Joni Mitchell.

Then again, were we truly happier when all we had to fisk was Fisk?

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Thanks for visiting BB.

Fisking leftist anthems is a favoured hobby of mine.

Counting Crows has a really nice sounding version of the song currently on the charts which is what reminded me of the dissonance I experience when listening to the song.

A song is only a song but when songs are used as advocacy tools, they cease to be exempt from fiskings.

Posted by: bleeding brain at 3:34 AM on 17 February 2003

And a feeble tool it is, I must concede. I often wonder if Joni had had any idea that this little throwaway would wind up with such a long shelf life, especially considering it's one of the weaker tracks she'd cut that year.

Oh, well. Bring on the DDT. Not having malaria is even neater than not having spots on my apples.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:18 AM on 17 February 2003