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18 February 2003

Axis of Feebles

The lovely and talented Rachel Lucas offers the "definitive word on trolls and assclowns", and this is the bottom line thereof:

It's all quite simple and reasonable. If I wouldn't waste time on you at a real party because of your unpleasant personality, then I'm not going to do it here, either.

For myself, I have had no such problems up to now. The nature of trolls and assclowns is to desire the maximum exposure possible for their irritating drivel; this site actively thwarts their desire by going largely unread, thereby reducing exposure, and by containing a high percentage of irritating drivel itself, thereby reducing contrast.

Still, it's probably a good idea to have something resembling a policy on such matters, and when I get around to concocting one, it will probably look a lot like Rachel's.

Posted at 7:53 AM to Blogorrhea

I have a similar problem, no trolls or assclowns. I need more readers. Maybe a few visits and posts at Democratic Underground would help? You try it first. :)

Posted by: Patty at 2:01 PM on 18 February 2003

Patty, let's you and me be Chaz's trolls, and Chaz and I can be yours.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 2:21 PM on 18 February 2003

My gluttony for punishment does not extend that far, thank you very much. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:21 PM on 18 February 2003

I had my first asshat the other day. Didn't leave a real email of course and had no blog.

Posted by: Marc at 7:32 PM on 18 February 2003