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20 February 2003

Undoing the cockfighting ban

State Senator Frank Shurden (D-Doublewide) has actually made some progress in getting around the provisions of the state's cockfighting ban. The Senate Appropriations Committee has passed Shurden's bill to reduce the penalties for participants to misdemeanor level. The bill now goes to the full Senate, where its future is uncertain.

The OkiePundit (if permalinks aren't working, go to 20 February) is not happy with this development:

The sheer arrogance of the Senators that voted to ignore the vote of the people is amazing, even by Oklahoma Legislature "standards".

Personally, I think the bill is DOA once it reaches the full Senate, and Governor Henry wouldn't sign it if it passed, but you can't be sure with the Oklahoma legislature; sometimes they seem to be motivated by pure petulance.

Posted at 11:12 AM to Soonerland

You can bet that Americans for Chicken Safety will be watching very closely.

Posted by: Ravenwood at 12:53 PM on 20 February 2003

That reminds me: Did they get anywhere with their demand that buffalo wings be made from actual buffalo?

Posted by: CGHill at 1:00 PM on 20 February 2003

Eat mor chikin.

Posted by: The Chik-fil-A Cows at 1:45 PM on 20 February 2003

You mean they aren't?

Posted by: Ravenwood at 4:57 PM on 20 February 2003

I've never figured out what the big deal against cockfighting is, and this is coming from an animal lover - but chickens, just don't rate too high up there on my list.

Posted by: jesus gil at 6:08 AM on 21 February 2003

My thinking has always been something along the lines of Ewwwww....

Then again, the fact that I find something distasteful is not sufficient cause for me to call for it to be banned, otherwise half of the TV season would be dead air.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:21 AM on 21 February 2003

I'm with you, Chaz

I can't imagine participating in or even *watching* a cockfight, but I don't think that's grounds for banning it. IMHO, it should have been left to county option. That way, the folks that dig it could have it, and the rest of us high-minded folk could congratulate ourselves for our sensitivity in voting against it.

But, were I in the Oklahoma Legislature (heaven forbid!), I'd probably vote for the bill lessening the penalties. Felony charges are simply over the top for raising chickens. Of course they could throw the book at anyone they caught wagering on the contest, which I am guessing would be approximately 99 44/100% of all participant/spectators.

Posted by: Wylie at 10:23 AM on 21 February 2003