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21 February 2003

Doc, it hurts when I say this

"Don't say that."

There are 48 words/phrases/bits of vernacular shorthand that are not to be used within earshot of the Jodiverse.

(Actually, there are rather more than that, but let's take them a few at a time, shall we?)

(By way of Cyberangel, who has been known to utter a few of them herself.)

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Not a bad list, actually...many of those words/phrases cause me to recoil (inside, where it counts), and I usually - not always, but usually - refrain from using them.

Except the last one -- how can a civilized person NOT use the phrase "Same Bat-time...same bat-channel!" in daily conversation...?!

Posted by: DavidMSC at 3:13 PM on 21 February 2003

Thanks for the plug (a word that sometimes makes me cringe, when used in certain contexts)!

Posted by: Jodi at 7:10 PM on 22 February 2003