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24 February 2003

Saturday night at the Equinox

Old Man Winter had been drinking. And between drinks, he was scowling at passersby and making notes on a three-by-five card, mumbling things I probably didn't want to hear and generally acting like a man who'd gone too long without a vacation.

I surmised that this wasn't the place to be, and I was halfway to the door when he spotted me. "So how'd you like that nor'easter?" he said.

I shrugged. "Wasn't there." Short, sweet, no details. Better that way.

But he wasn't giving up so easily. "Where you from, boy?"

I knew what was coming. "Saskatchewan, sir."

"Don't lie to me, boy," he growled. He looked at his card, looked at me, looked at his card again. "I know you. You run that damn stupid blerg, or whatever it's called. The one about the fruity pizzas." He spotted the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue at my side. "Well, Crustberries, or whatever your name is, since you're so goddamn anxious for spring, how'd you like a week in the deep freeze?"

"It is an honor I dream not of," I said truthfully.

"Spare me the cross-cultural references, Juliet. Get your fat ass home and get the snow shovel out of storage."

That was Saturday night. Sunday morning, right on schedule, the temperature dropped below freezing. It is not expected to recover until Thursday at the earliest.

Remind me to quit talking to this guy.

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Or at least stay out of that bar.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 7:39 AM on 24 February 2003

Between him and his sidekick, the small-e evil Russian scientist Dr. Frisia Nutzov, it's shaping up to be a genuinely nasty day; I will be very surprised if it reaches even 20 degrees Fahrenheit today.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:20 PM on 24 February 2003

Below freezing? Talk to me when it dips below zero for six consecutive days. Then I'll take pity.

Posted by: twentyfivedaystospring at 5:34 PM on 24 February 2003

Screw pity. I'm looking for warmth.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:07 PM on 24 February 2003

Incidentally, the numbers for yesterday: low 9, high 15. If you call that a high.

(Okay, David, how cold is it in Cut Bank?)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:07 AM on 25 February 2003