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25 February 2003

We've had our Phil

It's official: Phil Donahue's MSNBC show is toast.

And stale toast, at that.

(Update, 7:40 pm: John Bono has posted the name of the winner in the Donahue Show Death Watch. No, 'twasn't I.)

Posted at 6:29 PM to Your 15 Minutes Are Up

The next time I have the boys shooting BB guns in the back yard, we're gonna kill that fucking bird.

Posted by: Acidman at 7:44 PM on 25 February 2003

I'm already preparing an acceptance speech for my wild-a$$ guesswork that paid off.

I'm thinking of a guitar strap that says, "Win With War!"

Posted by: DavidMSC at 8:24 PM on 25 February 2003

Jeesh. I am always under this powerful delusion that I'm reading the most extensive, up-to-date online news sources, but then a story like "Donahue Fired" gets blogged about hither, tither and yon, and it's news to me. I didn't even see it on satellite. This happens to me frequently. Am I missing something? Someone, please advise.

Posted by: Vicky at 9:26 PM on 26 February 2003

If you weren't watching Donahue — and odds are you weren't — you'd be a step ahead of the game already.

The fact is, blogdom can run a story up the flagpole and see who whizzes on it faster than any of your dead-tree media or even your Breaking! News! Now! cable channels.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:29 PM on 26 February 2003

I, for one, think it is a damn shame :(

Posted by: ms7168 at 4:22 AM on 27 February 2003

Yeah -- it means they'll keep looking and might come up with someone more effective.


Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 11:04 AM on 28 February 2003

More effective than Phil?

Well, maybe. What's Morton Downey, Jr. doing these days?

Posted by: CGHill at 5:04 PM on 28 February 2003

Good riddance to bad news. Ol' Phil was a bust. He tried too hard to reach the heights of cleverness that he will never reach. He was hateful and condescending. Glad to see him gone.

Posted by: Sandy at 12:36 PM on 4 March 2003

OK sandy, thats one of the most fucking stupid things I have ever heard. You are saying now, that Phil was a hate-filled person??? Ok so you didnt exactly say hate-filled, but you are saying he was hateful, and don't try and deny it. Lets compare the honorable Phil Donahue to Bill O'Reilly. Bill gets smart conservatives on his show and fundamentalist stupid left wing nuts on his show to prove his point, and to the smart ones he interrupts them and calls their points nonsense. It is sad what America is coming to, a world of conservative reporting. I will tell you what is fair and balanced. Conservatives should not be running their own talk show like they do on Fox News, and here is why. People like Ann Coulter, who is the symbol of everything I hate, call people like Larry King, Tom Brokaw, etc. liberal in their views and America is being controlled by the left. I dont need to disprove her because she is a known liar and i dont need to be contradicting liars. Anyway, back to my point of conservative reporting; liberals that run tv shows DO NOT express their views, and in fact, they bring on right wing and left wing people onto their show and have a good argument. The liberal host on the show asks good questions to both and does NOT express his or her view. Now, if they dont express their view how do i know if they are liberal or conservative? Its simple. All conservatives have idealistic views that are the same, and in fact if a conservative is hosting a show you cannot have fair and balanced reporting, because the conservative reflects his view in every question asked. Brit Hume, for one, gets conservative people on his show, and they give some point, such as: The French are breaking the coalition apart, and they shoudl be kicked out. While they are saying this, Brit Hume is nodding his head like he is absolutely right and then when the liberal says his view he offers no opinion, and in fact Brit Hume is better than many of the other reporters on fox news, such as O'reilly and OMFG hannity. THis is why reporting done by liberals is fair while fox news style with conservatives being the host is absolutely NOT. And Fox News wonders why they get so much E-mail telling them they are not fair and balanced, and in fact fox doesnt know this little secret that I know, that it is the conservatives that are reporting that give the bias. They do try hard to get equal numbers of liberals and conservatives on the shows, but what they dont know is that the conservative hosting the show is breaking the "Fair and Balanced" part of fox news. As to Donahue, he is one of a kind, he actually gives his opinion, and he is actually right, lol, and he is kind to the people he invites to his show unlike O'reilly. OH AND ONE FUCKING LAST THING. FUCKING HANNITY, OMFG, HERE IS WHY YOUR SHOW IS NOT FAIR AND BALANCED, YOU HAVE ALL THE SMART CONSERVATIVES COMING ON YOUR DAMN SHOW LIKE BILL BENNETT, ONE OF THE MOST IDEOLOGISTICALLY INCORRECT PEOPLE AROUND, AND YOU CONSTANTLY HAVE COLMES ON THE DEFENSE, NOW TELL ME THIS, ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS, IS THIS FAIR AND BALANCED? HAVING COLMES ON THE DEFENSE ON EVERY SUBJECT? HANNITY NEEDS TO GET OFF THE AIRWAVES FOR GOOD, BECAUSE HIS RIGHT WING VIEWS ARE SO FUCKING WRONG IT MAKES MY BRAIN BOIL. thank you for reading this.

Posted by: Payam at 5:55 PM on 4 March 2003

oh and acidman fuck you. Dont you dare call a man as good as Phil Donahue a fucking bird. I'll come and shoot you down if you say something like that again. OH and by the way, I am 17 years old, so there is an excuse for me using the word fuck. Thank You for reading this.

Posted by: Payam at 6:02 PM on 4 March 2003

Quite apart from the usual Do Not Feed The Trolls stance, I find this a bit remarkable. I mean, here we are on the brink of war, the world is beset by all manner of tinpot dictators, and everything this kid hates can be symbolized by a fortyish woman with a tart tongue and (almost) too short a skirt? Do I detect parental-conflict issues here?

If I get to the point where everything I hate can be symbolized by a mass-media talking head, I'll call Acidman to come and shoot me.

And really, wouldn't anyone this side of Mussolini come off as defensive sitting next to Sean Hannity? I mean, really.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:33 PM on 4 March 2003