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26 February 2003

Bland in the bleachers

I gripe a lot about local radio, but the fact is, all 15 of my automotive presets (five AM, ten FM) are filled, and usually there's a reason for each and every one of them: I normally don't have much use for talker WKY, but they've been carrying the games of the Oklahoma RedHawks baseball club, so they get a button. (Of course, I'll be at The Brick when the Albuquerque Isotopes come to town.)

It's hard to think about baseball, though, when the third batch of freezing drizzle in four days is descending upon you; it's a whole different type of slider.

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It's amazing you can fill those. I've got, like, four or five buttons set. I also have about 100 CDs in there, too.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 6:42 PM on 26 February 2003

My moods go beyond mercurial, or even venereal. :)

For the last World Tour (4500 miles or so), I schlepped along 42 CDs and twenty tapes, and even bought some CDs along the way, but there was this overwhelming compulsion to see if radio in [fill in name of anonymous Midwestern burg] sucks as much as the stuff back home.

Usually it did.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:48 PM on 26 February 2003

Funny you should mention "freezing drizzle." I've been hearing that term all day on the local news, and thinking what a depressing phrase it is. One can extract at least marginally positive connotations from the words "Snow," "Rain," "Wind" and perhaps even "Sleet," but "Freezing Drizzle" is just plain depressing.

Posted by: Vicky at 9:18 PM on 26 February 2003

I said something at work today to the effect that "Freezing drizzle is God's way of saying you spent too damn much for your car."

You could hear crickets — at least, you could when the sleet let up.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:27 PM on 26 February 2003