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28 February 2003

No one will be watching us

Still not good enough a reason to do it in the road.


Posted at 11:24 AM to Dyssynergy

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I would just like to add that "Cobus Potgieter" is a great name for a lawyer, and as Dave Barry would probably add, it would be a great name for a band, too.

Posted by: mtpolitics at 11:32 AM on 28 February 2003

You're right...what a better way to go than doing it in the road?!

Posted by: peat at 12:03 PM on 28 February 2003

Man, I don't know about that. The road might be cold and lumpy (asphault) or cold and sandy (dirt road) or any combination of the two. Seems to me that they should have just pulled over and did the nasty in their car.

I guess these stupid people won't be breeding.


Posted by: Entrebat at 5:17 PM on 28 February 2003