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28 February 2003

I got your omen right here, pal

A couple of weeks ago, it was speculated in some circles (yes, even here) that Salon might not make it past the end of February.

Are they counting the hours themselves? Looks like it.

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I disagree strongly with their writers for the most part, but was sad when they stopped providing free access to the articles. The pilot guy was cool, and I liked Andrew Leonard's stuff on Open Source.
There was a silver lining to Salon, albeit a very thin one.

Posted by: squirrel at 9:27 PM on 2 March 2003

Some of the articles that harp on Salon's presumably-inevitable demise point out, quite reasonably, that they could have reduced their burn rate considerably by locating somewhere other than the most expensive part of San Francisco; I mean, you can run a Web site from damn near anywhere, can't you?

Posted by: CGHill at 10:03 PM on 2 March 2003