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1 March 2003

The devil in the dial

I've never been to Vancleve, Kentucky, but last year's somewhat-unintended slide through a series of small Kentucky towns persuades me that I'd probably like the place. Only two things do I actually know about Vancleve: it has a long-established gospel radio station (WMTC AM/FM, the call letters meaning "Win Men To Christ"), and it's the home of the Kentucky Mountain Bible College, which for some time now has been trying to rid itself of its telephone number, which, like other numbers in Breathitt County, starts with 666.

Telephone companies move slowly, when they move at all, and I don't know if this particular bout of slowness is at all related to the need to conserve phone numbers to keep from adding more and more area codes, but finally the school has won: if you're wanting to call them, you need to call 693-5000.

Posted at 9:50 AM to Almost Yogurt

But...shouldn't they take the WHOLE phone number into account? For instance, if the number is (666)-555-1212, well, then that hardly means that the number is "666." The number is 6665551212.

Or do these religious wackjobs believe that *anything* that contains the digits 666 in a row [such as the dollar figure $4,596,662, or the phone number (916)-662-5928)] is somehow "evil" and indicative of a satanic or otherwise evil presence...?

Posted by: DavidMSC at 11:12 AM on 1 March 2003

And is 66,666 three times as evil as 666?

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 11:23 AM on 1 March 2003

Well, 662 numbers in area code 916, as per David's example, are assigned in metro Sacramento, and I think Gray Davis qualifies as "otherwise evil".

The population of the mythical town of Eerie, Indiana (once a TV series) was 16,661.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:32 AM on 1 March 2003