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1 March 2003

Physician, **** thyself

Meet Jeffrey Schimandle, MD, non-practicing orthopedic surgeon in Oklahoma City. He became non-practicing rather involuntarily in 1999 following reports that he was swiping pain medication intended for patients for his personal use. This year Dr Schimandle applied for reinstatement, and got it; and within seconds of getting it, he whispered what The Daily Oklahoman called "a two-word, gender-specific obscenity" to the licensure board's attorney.

Said attorney is Elizabeth A. Scott, who also serves as an assistant attorney general; charges were brought, and Friday Dr Schimandle's license to practice was pulled yet again — not because he called Scott whatever it was he called her, but because he denied having said it. He can apply for reinstatement next year, if he can keep his mouth shut.

As for that "two-word, gender-specific obscenity", well, I'm not quite sure what the good doctor actually said, but I'd be surprised if it's truly gender-specific. Even in Oklahoma.

Posted at 7:13 PM to Soonerland

Must have been "you f**king b*tch" figure with all the good doctor's education he could've come up with a more snappy expletive....maybe something about her diminutive mammalian protuberances or the like.

Posted by: paulsmos at 6:01 AM on 2 March 2003

A typical internship with its furious pace and its 100-hour weeks surely would have given any medical student a superior grounding in profanity, you'd think.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:43 AM on 2 March 2003

This man operated on me in 1997. His license was pulled shortly after because he was injecting Demerol meant for his patients. His nurse testified that she would have to close patients doors to keep the screaming from bothering other patients on the floor.

I never went through a more excruciating post-op surgery in my life. I just can't prove he used the medication meant for me.

The term "pulled yet again" relates to his previous indiscretions regarding drug abuse.

The local TV news stated it was related to sexual harassment. The Daily Oklahoman piece was written by one person and their take on it. They were wrong. I cite Jayson Blair of the New York Times who embellished and wrote false information or inaccurate information based on his imagination.

Last, cracks about Oklahoma are ignorant based.
Oklahoma isn't as backwards as outsiders think it is and the person who wrote such a discriminatory thing obviously has not been to Oklahoma City.

Shame on you. The focus is on what a physician did to his patients and this woman not the state in which it occurred.


Posted by: Nick at 12:47 PM on 7 July 2003

Let's see. The last time I was in Oklahoma City, eight and a half minutes ago.

And Jayson Blair never would have gotten on at The Daily Oklahoman; they don't pay well enough to support his lifestyle fantasies.

But what do I know? I just live here.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:56 PM on 7 July 2003