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2 March 2003

Dehumidifying the sweatshop

Does this startle you?

According to a recent report by business futurists Roger and Joyce Herman of Greensboro, N.C, as many as 40 percent of workers already have "checked out" psychologically.

Feeling used and abused, these employees, they say, show up every day, but have lost passion for their work and are ready to jump on new opportunities.

I wonder if an entire company has ever up and quit....

Posted at 11:29 AM to Dyssynergy

I'd like to see the original data on that. One of the biggest observed trends, among people in their 20s and 30s especially, is that people feel less and less loyalty to their employer all the time. They also tend to separate what they do from who they are a lot more, with personal time meaning a lot more than their jobs.

All of this was observed and commented on a great deal during the late 1990s, when the economy was at its hottest and heaviest. Then, the complaint was that companies had to work harder to keep people, because young people were fickle and would jump ship at the drop of a hat. Now the complaint is that people are unhappy and will jump ship at the drop of a hat. Which tells me that some of this measure may just be measuring two different interpretations of the fact that plenty of people, young ones especially, simply don't feel loyal to their employers, period.

I'm not saying employers aren't taking advantage of the fact that there aren't a lot of high-paying jobs to go around at the moment. They undoubtedly are. They will get nicer when the economy looks up. Such is human nature, fortunately or unfortunately.

Posted by: Dean Esmay at 3:47 AM on 4 March 2003

Me, I'm looking for a hat that can be dropped.

And of course, I am the very model of a modern disgruntled employee, though this is at least partially due to the fact that, well, I don't gruntle easily.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:06 AM on 4 March 2003