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2 March 2003

Possible signs of spring

I've learned to be suspicious of these, but in view of last week, I need all the warmth I can get.

There was actual sunshine today after about 3 pm or so, and while the temperature is still on the low side (lower 40s), it beats the heck out of what we've been getting, and besides, we haven't seen the sun since Washington's birthday.

More to the point, perhaps, was the Austin-Healey Sprite (of course, a Bugeye) tootling along the boulevard, its driver apparently utterly unconcerned about being surrounded by vicious-looking vehicles like the Pontiac Aztek, an automotive boîte du merde that is as ugly as the Sprite is cute.

And while Bugeyes aren't very fast — apart from being about 43 years old, they have only about 43 horsepower — there's a certain thrill in driving the living whee out of something in an effort to stay just ahead of the traffic flow.

Besides, it was painted green, and British racing green at that. Just try to tell me that's not a sign of spring.

Posted at 5:42 PM to Driver's Seat

You are right to be suspicious of those signs of spring.
This is my experience. When you see a hint of color on a twig, you may think that spring is near but instead is only pointing to the upcoming arctic tempest that is soon to blast through the land.

Posted by: bleeding brain at 12:16 AM on 3 March 2003