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3 March 2003

Bleary-eyed and then some

The good thing about the new kids upstairs (actually, judging from brief appearances, they're probably close to 40) is that they seem to be encumbered with neither loud offspring nor industrial-strength stereo.

The bad thing about the new kids upstairs is that while they seem to spend a fair amount of time in bed, not much of that time is devoted to, um, sleeping.

Which, of course, inevitably means that not much of my time is devoted to sleeping. (Noise reduction in the construction of multi-family units, as a priority, ranks somewhere between feng shui positioning and gemstone settings for bathroom fixtures.)

Eventually adjustments will be made, as they must, but for now I'm too tired to contemplate them.

Posted at 2:29 PM to General Disinterest

Sounds like that scene in The Secret of My Success, where Michael J. Fox has the neighbors routine so pegged, that he simulates conducting it, right down to the "pop" of the soda can top (or was that a beer?).

Posted by: Marc at 10:33 PM on 3 March 2003

Ah memories. Our first married cohabitation was in the 'married students' barracks at Auburn. Walls of sheetrock sans any insulation.

Our neighbors next door (the guy had a motorcycle that he kept inside, would start inside, and come out the front door at 35 mph) had this little bedroom game in which HE would pretend to be a lion and would growl fiercely, probably standing bucknaked on the bed while SHE would cower weak and helpless in the corner. Then all of a sudden, silence. Or at least no more screaming. We figured the lion found his prey. THey never seemed to tire of this little game. We sure did.

Posted by: fredf at 5:29 AM on 4 March 2003

I attended that weird school of thought which holds that if you're going to have a dungeon (from "eon", long period of time, and "dung", it's brown and sounds like a bell) in your bedroom, the very least you can do is put it downstairs.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:04 AM on 4 March 2003

There is a lot to be said for living on the top floor of any multi-level housing unit.

Posted by: Martin at 8:11 AM on 4 March 2003