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3 March 2003

None dare call it English

The Timekeeper is back in the States and up to full fearsome strength. Not that it takes a whole lot of strength to fisk a high-school senior, but in four years or so the recipient will be a college senior and produce even higher cranial durometer readings, so the time to strike is now.

The student in question offers this startling revelation:

I recall sophomore English, where I stayed after class one day to inquire about the rest of the year's planned reading material. Of the 10 or 20 books required since I entered high school, only one had been written by a woman. Precious few of the others dealt with or even included issues pertaining to women.

Rebuffed by a teacher who pointed out that, hey, this is English class, not a women's studies course, she exploded:

"Doesn't it strike you as somewhat ridiculous that to get the slightest mention of a woman beyond her position as wife to a prominent male figure, I have to go hunt for it on my own, outside of school?! Does it not strike you as odd that half of the world's population is systematically rendered invisible through curriculums such as your own?"

To which the Timekeeper responds:

Does it not strike you as thoroughly ridiculous that the teacher is expected to change the curriculum from a study of literature to a politically correct sociology class to raise the self-esteem of a grievance group, rather than on the merits of the literature involved?

As she gets bitter, he gets better. Read the whole thing. (Good to have you home, Keep.)

Posted at 8:47 PM to Almost Yogurt

Wow, that was a fascinating link, kinda scary at the same time though.

Posted by: Marc at 10:20 PM on 3 March 2003