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4 March 2003

Watts new

Former Congressman J. C. Watts is not lacking for titles these days. In addition to his gig as a columnist for The Sporting News, he's now on the board of directors of Dillard's, the Arkansas-based department-store chain.

In his new capacity, perhaps Watts can figure out how come Dillard's keeps getting into racial hot water. In 1996, the chain was sued after an African-American customer claimed that she was denied a routine cologne sample; the case wound up before the US Supreme Court, which declined to review the verdict or the $1.2-million penalty against Dillard's. And this was only the most visible of a number of cases in which the store was charged with some blatant form of discrimination.

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I already won't shop at Dillard's because I can find anything they carry somewhere else at a better price.

This just gives me more reason to avoid the chain.

Posted by: Steve at 11:55 AM on 4 March 2003

Also, they're not on this list.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 12:21 PM on 4 March 2003

He's going to right a column on the role sports play in society? That's easy. It's gets a bunch of sports "heroes" a job in government.

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 8:20 AM on 6 March 2003

Maybe he could have Steve Largent come in as a guest columnist once in a while.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:06 AM on 6 March 2003