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7 March 2003

Lotto update

The estimable Goof Beyou, who has been keeping tabs on the state-lottery measure (and keeping track of my fumbles on the story), has yet to weigh in on the prospects for getting the bill passed during its reconsideration phase, though I'm sure we'll hear from Beyou shortly.

In the meantime, House Republican leader Todd Hiett seems miffed at the prospect of seeing this bill again: "At this point," he said, "we should move on and do the people's business." Apparently Hiett's concept of "the people's business" does not include the possibility of voting on a controversial measure. All by itself, this ought to be enough to get him onto Frosty Troy's 10 Worst Legislators list this summer.

Posted at 7:13 AM to Soonerland

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Prospects are not very good. Kirby won't bring it back unless he has the votes to pass (not reconsider the vote, but pass the measure). But who cares? Lawyers are already reviewing an initiative petition, and if the polls are correct, getting enough signatures will be a slam dunk.

As for your Todd Hiett comment, I guess the people's business he's talking about is whether or not the Confederate flag should be flown (which should get Wayne Pettigrew on the same list)

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 9:42 AM on 7 March 2003

So when do you think this thing will be on the ballot - and what will they think up to get around it? Frank Shurden definitely isn't taking the cockfighting ban lying down.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:59 PM on 7 March 2003