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9 March 2003

Aren't you glad you use dial?

I still have an actual rotary phone. You know, the kind that dials with a dial; you stick your finger in and move it around in circles and...uh, never mind.

This sort of thing would never do for the Oval Office, as The Third Kind's Phil illustrates.

Posted at 11:11 AM to Dyssynergy

True story: watching something (don't recall what) this a.m., a 1-800 flashed up on the screen, and the announcer actually said, "Dial 1-800..." I thought to myself...DIAL? I guess it sounds better than PUSH or PUNCH, but still...

Posted by: DavidMSC at 6:00 PM on 9 March 2003

We have one too! It sure comes in handy when there's a power outage... and that does happen sometimes - especially in the north country ;-) Of course we also have a cell phone ;-)

Posted by: ladiosa dellago at 6:51 PM on 9 March 2003

I'm waiting for a cell phone with a rotary dial.

Hey, it could happen. You can still buy 78-rpm styli for your turntables. (You do have turntables, right?)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:25 PM on 9 March 2003