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10 March 2003

An outpost of non-corporate radio

If the phrase "Clear Channel" makes you break out in hives, this is for you.

In its last couple of years before it packs up and moves to Dallas to play with the big boys, AM daytimer KJON, just about the last station in Anadarko (KRPT-FM is moving northward toward the Oklahoma City market), has decided to stick to what it likes, and screw the consultants and their Armani-suited ilk.

So KJON's country format eschews the Shanias and the Faiths and the Dixie Chicks and plays stuff from the age of 78s, when you could still have a first name like "Red", when people heard the Wabash Cannonball and knew it was a train. The station manager says he's playing for guys on tractors, and you gotta believe it's true.

The Daily Oklahoman has a piece about KJON today, and it's worth your time even if Webb Pierce and Ernest Tubb don't mean a thing to you, simply because it illustrates the point that "non-corporate" radio does not necessarily mean stuff like NPR, which is waiting on a check from Archer Daniels Midland even as we speak, nor does it inevitably imply a staff with a whiter-shade-of-pale complexion from sitting in their bedrooms for ten years playing Nick Drake records.

Posted at 11:58 AM to Overmodulation

Sounds like a station I would love...

(love that "Wabash" line)

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 12:56 PM on 10 March 2003

I would love to hear the station on the web . Please e-mail me when it happens. Would love to listen. Sounds like music I would get into.

Posted by: dennis b at 6:22 AM on 2 January 2004