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13 March 2003

Guys like him, they have it made

All in the Family creator Norman Lear will collaborate with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on several episodes of their Comedy Central series South Park.

[Insert terlet joke here]

This makes a certain amount of sense; Parker and Stone, like Lear, built their reputations by pushing the envelope without rendering it completely unreadable. And Lear's status as a full-fledged Hollywood liberal obviously didn't bother Matt and Trey, though it's unlikely they'd want to work with the likes of, say, Barbra Streisand.

And mister, we could use a man like Eric Cartman again.

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I know some think South Park is nothing but potty mouthed kids, but it is consistently the funniest show on TV. By coincedence, last nights episode was about the overreaction of parents to stories on abduction. But, while highlighting an important point, we were treated to the Chinese Owner of City Wok building a wall around the town and constantly being attacked by Mongol warriors.

Posted by: Chris at 11:57 AM on 13 March 2003

Present these guys with a sacred cow, and they'll serve up some juicy burgers every time.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:48 PM on 13 March 2003

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Sacred burgers.


Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 9:13 PM on 13 March 2003

Lear, responsible for bringing us Archie Bunker, will use Cartman in a similar fashion- as an insensitive, ignorant bully to embarass conservatives. Cartman already is insensitive. But with a liberal ideologue writing his lines, Cartman won't be himself- he's just a vehicle to teach conservatives a few lessions. The one episode I read about show's Cartman revealing his ignorance about the Declaration of Independence. Parker and Stone had a good thing going but they've obviously been taken by a cunning liberal activist with more experience than they have.

Posted by: Zig at 11:26 PM on 16 March 2003