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15 March 2003

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"Which Humor Troubles the Disposition of YOUR Body?"

cholerDid you really need to ask?

Your humor is: yellow bile
Your personality is: choleric
Your season is: summer
Your element is: fire
Your qualities are: hot and dry
Your color is: yellow
Your organ is: the liver
Your lunar phase is: the full moon
Your opposing humor is: phlegm

When yellow bile dominates, an individual is quick to anger. Choleric personalities (cholera meaning yellow as in yellow fever) are often violent and vengeful.

Black Hellebore, which is known for its laxative properties, purges lower tracts of phlegm and choleric humors.

Avoid herbs with a bitter taste, as they are most likely to promote yellow bile.

Choler is hot and dry, begotten of the hotter parts of the chylus, and gathered to the gall. It helps the natural heat and senses.

(Muchas gracias: LAN3 at The Sound and Fury, whose humors are far better balanced than mine.)

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Does choler also mean having a truly arid sense of humor?

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 12:36 PM on 15 March 2003

Desiccated, even.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:39 PM on 15 March 2003

I got the same results.

Somehow, I don't see us having the same answers, however. (grin)

Posted by: timekeeper at 10:07 PM on 18 March 2003