The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 March 2003

I should live so long

An impatient Tim Blair declared last week:

Women of Enron. Women of Starbucks. Women of Wall Street. Big deal! How long before Playboy hits us with Women of the Blogs?

The likelihood of this, I fear, is very low, but the collectibility of such an issue would be extremely high, and ten years from now the price for a single copy would be somewhere around:

[   ] $4.99
[   ] $20
[   ] $200
[   ] A year's worth of auto insurance in New Jersey
[   ] A week's worth of bombing strikes on Baghdad
[   ] Everyone at eBay could retire on this one commission alone
[   ] A buck times Avogadro's number

Suddenly mere tip jars seem inadequate.

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