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17 March 2003

Spiegel, Chicago 9, chapter 11

Catalog retailer Spiegel — besides its own huge fashion book twice yearly, it also produces the Newport News and Eddie Bauer books — has filed for bankruptcy protection. Spiegel had been ailing for some time and had been delisted from the Nasdaq last year.

Spiegel's glory days, I suspect, coincided with the golden era of TV game shows, to which they often supplied prizes, always identified as coming from "Spiegel, Chicago 9, Illinois." (The arrival of the ZIP code, which rendered it "Spiegel, Chicago, Illinois 60609," seemed to deflate the announcement somewhat.) Their catalogs grew increasingly stylish, even arty, in recent years, and were sold at newsstands.

The effect the company's reorganization will have on director Spike Jonze, heir to the Spiegel empire, is unclear.

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Say it aint so, they've gone the way of Joe so sad

Posted by: nick at 2:56 PM on 28 April 2003