The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 March 2003

Carnival of the Vanities #26

Twenty-six times that we've all shared,
Every week a Carnival, so don't be scared,
Here are all the best from those who dared
To blog, to blog, to blog, to blog.

It seems so distant, twenty-six weeks before,
When the Carnival was new;
Yet each edition, published each Wednesday,
Is still fresher than the morning dew.

Twenty-six weeks, still going strong,
Bigwig's great invention simply can't go wrong,
Wylie down in Norman now takes up the song,
To blog, to blog, to blog, to blog.

Twenty-six times (repeat until fade)

(With apologies to Glen Larson, Bruce Belland, any remaining Preps, and a place 40 km offshore)

Posted at 9:15 AM to Blogorrhea

Its the place for me!!!

Posted by: paulsmos at 10:07 AM on 19 March 2003

You'll need the guitar.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:25 PM on 19 March 2003