The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 March 2003

Gently rolling keyboards

When last we heard from Minnesota composer/musician Vicki Logan, she was looking for an audience for her first CD, Chasing Dreams, and hinting that a second would follow eventually.

It took a while, but Finding My Way has found its way to my door, and it's a quite reasonable followup. Logan's melodies, as always, are just slightly off center yet relentlessly tuneful, sort of Enya unplugged; indeed, she takes on Enya's "Only Time" on track 5, and without the usual eleventy-one thousand overdubs, it's almost a whole new melody.

This particular instrumental road is not entirely unknown — Tim Janis, for one, has found his way down it a few times — but it still qualifies as scenic. And maybe that should be the name for this quiet little genre: not boisterous enough for "smooth jazz" and lacking the self-absorption of New Age, "scenic" is perhaps as good a description as any. It's probably not for everyone, but I've always enjoyed the ride.

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