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22 March 2003

Quote of the Weet

Weetabix takes on NASCAR:

I suspect that when the rapture comes and the demons run around looking for people to scoop up and bring to hell, they'll pick out the folks with the Dale Earnhardt memorial stickers in their window first.

Okay, I like NASCAR — at least, I like the concept of people racing cars that bear an extraordinarily slight resemblance to vehicles that can be purchased at the local dealership by mere mortals — but dammit, I thought it was funny.

What's more, I once defended Thomas Kinkade, and as Weet says,

[W]hy hang a Thomas Kinkade picture in your home when you can letter up a big sign on cardboard that reads "Hi I have no taste of my own. Would you like some delicious aerosol cheese?" and send the money you saved to the Make a Wish Foundation.

(Aside to Kevin McGehee: "Mmmmm...aerosol cheese....")

Posted at 12:06 PM to Almost Yogurt

The best part is the burping.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 12:36 PM on 22 March 2003