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23 March 2003

A view from the Big Apple

The Blogosphere™ can seem to be closed and insular at times. The price of admission is low, but the price of acceptance is wildly variable.

Which leads me, occasionally, to wander outside the endless circle of blogrolls and into some unusual alleys. One of the places I've visited on a highly-sporadic basis is Faith's Dollheads Dot Com, and fortunately for me, she's got a new item in her Writing area that struck a few chords. It's yet another look at the antiwar folk, this particular bunch in New York City, but it's written from a perspective that's part irritated, part amused, which always scores points with me. What's more, this is the first attempt I've seen to classify the protesters into subgroups based on perceived motivations, and there are great photographs besides. Read it now before she writes another one and changes the URL. :) (Warning: Some photos may qualify as NSFW.)

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