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24 March 2003

Resetting those hoop dreams

It's bad enough that college athletes so often fail to graduate, but what really bugs Ernie Chambers is knowing that the schools and the NCAA tend to look the other way when it happens. The proposed Chambers Rule would address this situation on a game-by-game basis by requiring that the school with the lower graduation rate spot the team with the higher graduation rate one point for each percentage point difference. An example:

Remember that near-upset of top-rated Georgetown by Princeton in the 1989 NCAA tournament? Had they played by my rules, Georgetown would have been required to spot Princeton about 49 points. Any rule that would have resulted in a John Thompson-led team losing is, in my estimation, a good rule.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for the NCAA to enact the Chambers Rule on a national basis, but I'm willing to bet it would result in more diplomas for these kids in a relatively short time.

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