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26 March 2003

A nice cup of 404

This has to be maddening.

Your friend and mine, Sgt. Stryker, got a namecheck and a screenshot at today, which generated traffic far beyond any conceivable Instalanche, so much that it melted down the server into a heap of smoldering slag. They're back up, after the host moved the site to another machine, but I shudder to think what his bandwidth bill is going to look like next month.

Come to think of it, I shudder to think what mine is going to look like if this site ever becomes popular; about a hundred of the Sarge's visitors wended their way down his blogroll and wound up over here, which inflated my daily totals by twenty or twenty-five percent. Then again, I can remember when I could inflate my daily totals by twenty percent by hitting the Refresh button once.

Posted at 7:42 PM to Blogorrhea

I'm "instalanche" today has quadrupled (so far) my average I'm up into the high 40s now... :-)

Posted by: David at 8:04 PM on 26 March 2003

Hint: Adoptable bunny pictures. Guaranteed traffic spikes.

Posted by: Anna Bunny at 9:13 PM on 26 March 2003

Anna is correct...but the Missus won't allow bunnies in the house, even "virtually" -- she's afraid our cats would eat them.

Say...cute pix of my THAT'S never been done...maybe it'll work for me!

Posted by: DavidMSC at 9:28 PM on 26 March 2003

I had a few Bunny pictures up, but Christie Hefner complained. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:20 AM on 27 March 2003