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27 March 2003

Technically, it blows

Any hawk making lazy circles in the sky today is likely to get caught in a downdraft and end up on somebody's windshield. Winds are running 30, 35 mph on a consistent basis, and will occasionally peak around 45 to 50. Great fun. The lawn-furniture alert has already been issued.

And then suddenly these winds, blowing from the south all day, will start blowing from the north and the temperature will drop from about 80 this afternoon to maybe 38 by tomorrow morning.

In other words, nothing especially unusual for March in Oklahoma.

Posted at 7:20 AM to Soonerland

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If the wind didn't reverse itself, nobody would get their lawn furniture back.

BTW, has NORAD ever tracked an Oklahoma lawn chair? Seems to me it would be a great way to do an unscheduled SDI test.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 11:49 AM on 27 March 2003

Makes sense to me, though imagining a payload on one of those is distressing at best.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:17 PM on 27 March 2003

You mean something like this?

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 12:41 PM on 28 March 2003

That's certainly, um, a load.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:09 PM on 28 March 2003