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29 March 2003

Doing the math

Down here way below the A-list, even the B-list, it is an article of faith that we scramble for every reader we get. Still, I had no idea it had gotten this bad.

Earlier this week, I gave a tentative plug to a proposed Bored Blogger movement, and in so doing said something about my nine regular readers.

In a wholly-unrelated posting, DavidMSC this week mentioned his two regular readers.

Since David and I read each other's blogs on something resembling a regular basis, subtract 1 from each statement, and we're left with an 8:1 ratio. And try as I may, rationalize it as I will, I cannot bring myself to believe I have eight times David's readership.

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Linking to this item:

(tap, tap) Is this thing on...? Test, test? OK...well, uh...I'm here to welcome you to the first annual meeting of the Charles & Dave Mutual Admiration Society. Thanks for showing up. business...Charles? No...nothing new? Right. Nothing from me either. Uh...what's next...? Right. OK, meeting adjourned. See you next year!

Posted by: DavidMSC at 11:48 AM on 29 March 2003

8 of 9, checking in. Anyone seen Seven?

No? Guess I'll go visit DavidMSC, then.

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at 3:18 PM on 29 March 2003

Are they kidding? I enjoy blogging even more now that we're at war. I have a few regular readers, but most of my traffic is from people searching for cheap wine reviews. I love those people too.

Posted by: Diane L. at 3:19 PM on 29 March 2003

I am far too short and dark-haired to be 7 of 9, but I read you, too, you know. Heck, now that you broke down and bought a gun, I'm even reading you regularly!

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 7:10 PM on 29 March 2003

You both have great blogs! (You can add me to your readership lists.)

I didn't realize when I started this hobby that I would begin to rank myself based on how many readers I have (yeah, 2 or 3, when you subtract all the googlers looking for the 'LT Smash' blog, which I've posted about a few times).

But I felt really humble when I looked at the BlogShares site ( and found out that, not only is my blog valued at $85.68 (oh, no, I checked it again just now and the value DROPPED to $20.78), but I can not sell 'stock' until it reaches $1000.

That's going to take a while...

Posted by: Beth Chaplin at 4:56 PM on 31 March 2003

I don't understand BlogShares in the slightest, despite having spent nearly $200 in funny money (JavaScrip?) in the last 36 hours.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:32 PM on 31 March 2003

Don't feel bad, CG. Blog Shares is pissing me off.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 4:14 AM on 2 April 2003