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30 March 2003

I was just following orders

In Minnesota, warning signs are yellow, and their meaning is clear:

You are responsible to recognize and react correctly.

So that's what Steve Gigl did. I think.

Posted at 3:11 PM to Driver's Seat

I am irresponsible and I generally react incorrectly. Does that mean I can't live in Minnesota?

Posted by: Acidman at 4:31 PM on 30 March 2003

You can live there. Just don't drive. Or at least, don't drive where there are any yellow signs. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:04 PM on 30 March 2003

1) "I am irresponsible and I generally react incorrectly."
--You sound Minnesotan to me! (Disclosure: I'm originally a Wisconsinite).

2) "You can live there. Just don't drive."
--An excellent suggestion for anyone living in the Twin Cities. If more people followed this advice, the home-buying experience wouldn't be such a chore for the wife and me.

Posted by: Steve Gigl at 3:56 PM on 31 March 2003

On the other hand, Acidman's self-description suggests he is pretty much typical of Georgia drivers. Which leads me to think that it isn't necessarily the general level of skill or competence, but the similarity of same among the totality of drivers, that makes a highway system function reasonably well.

Introduce a few hundred really good, really careful, responsible drivers to Georgia, and the carnage would be indescribable -- until all the really good drivers have been killed or have fled, and then the death rate stabilizes.

In self-defense, I have actually had to become an atrocious driver.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 6:37 PM on 31 March 2003

Geez. It's Lake Wobegon (Minnesota, of course) in reverse: all the drivers are below average.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:30 PM on 31 March 2003