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31 March 2003

The last great boy band

It's easy, I suppose, to mock the Bay City Rollers, but it's hard to do it with any degree of meanspiritedness. Not even Nick Lowe, who assumed the nom de disque of "Tartan Horde" for his Roller-fan sendup, was able to assume the full Abominable Showman smirk: "Rollers Show" came out wistful, even kindly.

Besides, if you subtract the screaming teenage girls — and why would you? — you're left with the fact that the Rollers were a pretty damn decent band. The ever-eclectic DragonAttack analyzes the first Roller LP, and finds it solid:

A problem with most teen idol records is that they contain about three hit singles, and between six and eight songs of pure crap to round out the album. Not so with the Bay City Rollers. There is not one song that needs to be skipped. It is one pop gem after another.

Try that with the Backsync Boys, or whatever the hell they were called.

Posted at 7:30 AM to Tongue and Groove

I really enjoyed their Saturday morning television show. It was up there with the Hudson Brothers and the Banana Splits.

Posted by: Vicky at 4:40 PM on 31 March 2003

Sa-sa-sa-saturday ni-i-i-i-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-Ight!

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 6:41 PM on 31 March 2003

When I was about 11, maybe 12, living in merrie old England as a military brat...I *was* Derek the Drummer.


Posted by: DavidMSC at 8:25 PM on 31 March 2003