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31 March 2003

Forward to oblivion

The town of Hall Park, once on the edge of, now surrounded by, the city of Norman, is contemplating dissolving itself. Tomorrow town voters will face a measure to disincorporate, which requires a simple majority — provided that 40 percent of the town's registered voters cast ballots.

Norman has already moved to annex the 1.13 square miles of Hall Park, contingent upon the passage of the ballot measure, effective 1 October. Residents would be billed $4200 per household for upgrading to Norman city services.

I'm not sure what I think about this. When I think "Hall Park", I tend to think "speed trap", but then I've never been ticketed by the town. Maybe the 1100 or so residents will be better off in Norman; Town Manager Susan Boehrer favors the measure, saying "It's the best long-term solution, the best economical solution and the solution that's best for the environment."

Posted at 4:17 PM to Soonerland

Something similar should be done with Valley Brook.

Talk about speed (and anything else one can imagine) traps.

Posted by: Steve at 4:40 PM on 31 March 2003

Sounds like a little tiny place in Michigan called Crump I don't think they even have a traffic light, but they have a restaurant over there called lovingly 'the Willard Hilton' - kind of a retro type place where everybody needs to eat a meal at least once. Cheers ;-) ooops! I think Crump might be smaller.

Posted by: ladiosa dellago at 6:27 PM on 31 March 2003