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4 April 2003

Paging the IATA

As far as the US is concerned, the major airport serving Baghdad is now called "Baghdad International Airport". Your travel agent, assuming he's goofy enough to book you a flight there in the next couple of days, will continue to use the three-letter code "SDA", which presumably is derived from the airport's previous designation as Saddam International.

Will there be an effort to change the code as part of the ongoing process of de-Saddamization? I doubt it. Historically, it's damned difficult to get an airport code modified, even if it truly sucks.

Posted at 7:43 AM to Dyssynergy

Hello. I'm a freelance writer working on a story about this airport. Does anyone have any information regarding how the re-opened airport will screen passengers? I assume it will be like most airports, but given Iraq's reputation in much of the world community, I wonder if strip-search will be the order of the day, even for local flights? The USIDA states that everyone should show up 4 hours earlier, once this airport gets started. It will be quite the thing after a while, providing the hostilities cease. Thanks,

Posted by: Michael Burris at 9:09 AM on 20 September 2003