The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

7 April 2003

Time stands still

I guess it always will.

Out the front door at the usual time. Temperature around freezing: check. Stiff north wind: check. Sunrise not even slightly in evidence: check.

Yep. It's the second week of February. I have no idea why all these postings are coming out with April dates on them.

Posted at 6:56 AM to Weather or Not

How did you do that? Are you looking out my front window?

Don't let me catch you doing that again.

Posted by: mtpolitics at 7:11 AM on 7 April 2003

What, you want I should look in?

Posted by: CGHill at 7:14 AM on 7 April 2003

I'll leave that up to you. That would definitely cure you of hanging around my house in the early morning hours.

Posted by: mtpolitics at 7:30 AM on 7 April 2003

And I'm feeding the woodstove in a cold April rain, with the maples leafing out, the grass needs mowing. Another day, another season.

Posted by: fredf at 9:39 AM on 7 April 2003