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7 April 2003

Amazement by the mile

Oscar Jr. is surprised, although I'm not sure whether this surprise is due to discovering that I am a registered Democrat, or to the fact that I admit it.

Actually, it's an ego thing: in the GOP I'd be just another member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy®, while as a Democrat I get to (pretend to) be the Voice of Reason.

The very basis of life, after all, is surprise. I mean, why shouldn't ABC switch to all reality shows, all the time? Why shouldn't Microsoft buy a blog? Why shouldn't Johnny Cash cover a Nine Inch Nails song? I mean, some of these things are even true.

Posted at 11:31 AM to Blogorrhea

Heh, I get the same response when people hear that I am a registered Republican. I signed on to campaign for John McCain, and soon came to realize that I can do much more damage working from within...

Posted by: ronbailey at 11:59 AM on 7 April 2003

I could say something about campaigning for McCain being just that sort of thing, but I won't...


Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 5:00 PM on 7 April 2003

Mr. Cash has been known to do covers of other hard rock tunes. _Rusted Cage_ by Soundgarden comes to mind.

Posted by: Steve at 6:10 PM on 7 April 2003

Public delinking to follow...

Ah, just kidding (and who'd notice?). Living in Manhattan can really skew one's perspective, I suppose.

In my comments, CGHill wrote:

I don't deny it. On the other hand, your average Oklahoma Democrat is probably just about as far to the right as your average Connecticut Republican.

Probably more so, actually. I'd trade.

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at 9:15 PM on 7 April 2003