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7 April 2003

Debbie Hitler's looking for a husband

This is probably not the best time in the world to be named "Saddam Hussein".

Especially if you live in Norway, fercryingoutloud.

Saddam Hussein, a young Iraqi Kurd refugee who arrived in Norway in 2001, has petitioned the Oslo government to change his name officially to Dastanse Rasol Hussein.

(Muchas gracias: Jesus Gil, who probably has thought about changing his given name once or twice.)

Posted at 4:18 PM to Dyssynergy

I was in NYC recently and was walking down Park Ave. behind two quite elderly women of the high society type. It was interesting to overhear them talk because they were discussing an upcoming party and saying how it was probably best that one Ms. Hussein had not been invited due to her unfortunate surname.

Posted by: Marc at 10:01 PM on 7 April 2003

I've met two people named Fidel Castro. It didn't seem to be a problem for anyone.

Posted by: Diane L. at 12:29 AM on 8 April 2003

Castro, at least, seems to have a few defenders here and there; nobody this side of Jacques Chirac has a kind word for Saddam.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:08 AM on 8 April 2003