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11 April 2003

Not zoned for red lights

DavidMSC, who used to live in these parts, may well be surprised at this. Or he may not, depending on how jaded he was back then.

Anyway, there's a fairly innocuous strip mall along Air Depot Blvd. in Midwest City, housing insurance agents, a Furr's cafeteria in one corner, a Kinko's in another, a children's dance studio — and apparently a brothel.

The most interesting remark in the wake of the operation's bust was one by the owner of the dance studio, who said, "We suspected it was a prostitution ring from the day they first started moving in because they could never give us a straight answer as to what kind of business they were." I'm just wondering what they wrote down on the storefront lease.

Posted at 7:07 AM to Soonerland

Yep -- I know that location well...many moons ago I worked at the Sonic on Air Depot, ate occasionally at Furr's, and often participated in "The Cruise" each weekend. OK, every weekend.

Re: the NewsOK article...first, what the #Y$*&#%# is that registration all about? I feel violated! But it was worth it to see if any of my old girlfriends were involved in the bust.

None were.

Relief, or regret? You decide.

Posted by: DavidMSC at 8:38 AM on 11 April 2003

They say a whore is a girl that'll put out for anyone and a slut is a girl that'll put out for anyone but you.


Posted by: Steve at 7:56 PM on 11 April 2003