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15 April 2003

Like I should give design advice

Nobody should have pinstripes in the background — except, of course, the Baseball Crank.

(Another dandy Sekimori screen. Of course.)

Posted at 8:13 PM to Blogorrhea

What you're forgetting is that pinstripes (when it comes to baseball) are the devil's fashion statement.

Yankees Suck! Go Red Sox!

(sorry, April does this to me)

Posted by: Cam at 10:32 PM on 15 April 2003

Only one thing sucks bigger (sucks bigger? for me) than winter and that's the Yankers.

You can't suck bigger than that.

Posted by: Vickie at 5:13 AM on 16 April 2003

Truly George Steinbrenner has done his utmost over the years to embiggen the suckage.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:26 PM on 16 April 2003

I like the pinstripes.
Go A's!

Posted by: zip code at 5:34 PM on 21 April 2003