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18 April 2003

What about protecting the wetlands?

About 350 entries ago, I posted something vaguely concerned with body hair on women, and to this day I still get four or five hits a day from Googlers searching on the term "bikini wax", despite the fact that I'm way, way down the list, about sixty pages below Ken Layne.

And if said search-engine users were disappointed before, they're going to be more so now, since I'm speaking, not of the Brazilian bikini wax, but the North Dakotan bikini wax (if images of Grant Wood's American Gothic are now rushing through your head, I'll have what you're having), which is now legal in the Not-Quite-Saskatchewan State as of August first, just in time for pre-winter.

Posted at 10:06 PM to Blogorrhea

Gad, we used to be able to tell Northern Tier women from gals hailing from elsewhere -- those days are no more.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 8:55 AM on 19 April 2003

Hello from Fargo. Those forks at Grand Forks have nothing to do with pitchforks! A couple of tributaries join the Red River of the North, and early rivermen named the place.

Posted by: Alan Sullivan at 12:35 PM on 19 April 2003

Which puts that "wetlands" title in a wholly different context, I suppose. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:48 PM on 19 April 2003