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22 April 2003

Fearless five-day forecast

It's going to rain — if not tonight, then tomorrow, and certainly by Sunday.

It has to. This is the week of the downtown Festival of the Arts, and the Fates would like nothing better than to see 150,000 people (a reasonable daily attendance figure) soaked to the gills.

The same rule applies, incidentally, to the State Fair of Oklahoma in the fall.

Posted at 1:20 PM to City Scene

Your meterologists out there must use the same criteria ours do to forecast rain: If it's spring vacation, it will rain.

Posted by: Vickie at 2:04 PM on 22 April 2003

It's some sort of meterological small-c communism: maximum inconvenience to the maximum number of people.

World Tour '03 should be interesting. Nothing fell on me (other than rocks) during WT01; the two storms I encountered on the road last year were over with rather quickly, but fast, furious and scary during the time I was under them. (Being on unfamiliar roads does not enhance one's sense of security under these conditions.)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:19 PM on 22 April 2003