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23 April 2003

Getting a handle on spam

The new Oklahoma anti-spam law, signed yesterday by Governor Henry, strikes me as relatively toothless. It does prohibit spoofing email or Web addresses, and it does require ads to state that they are ads in the subject lines — porn ads must contain the string ADV-ADULT — but until there are provisions to hunt down spammers and disembowel them on streaming video, there will be little or no effect on the state's email users.

Posted at 8:05 AM to Scams and Spams , Soonerland

"hunt down spammers and disembowel them on streaming video"

Ooo - now there's a provision I could really get behind. Maybe we could hire a few Ba'athists who have recently gone into, um, forced retirement.

Posted by: Wylie at 8:29 AM on 23 April 2003

Spammers are people too.

Posted by: Vickie at 8:57 AM on 23 April 2003

No they aren't. They are evil reptilian aliens from the Planet Zarkod who are trying to destroy our civilzation with ads for Viagra, Hot!Sexxxy!Teen!Sluts! and marketing deals that will make you a Millionaire! =O

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:03 AM on 23 April 2003

I could swear I once saw an exterminator's ad that said "WE KILL RATS, TERMITES, SPAMMERS"

Or maybe it said "spiders" and my eyes played a cruel, cruel trick on me.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 2:10 PM on 24 April 2003