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25 April 2003

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Leave it to me to find what might be the least interesting item in a Lileks Bleat. Then again, maybe it's more interesting than I think:

I have Instapundit as my home page; it's certainly more interesting than a news site, does not contain 4,573 graphic elements, or a survey (Do you believe that Laci Peterson would have approved of the Dixie Chick's comments?) or ten subcategories about things I am not likely to read.

Which, of course, makes perfect sense. My browser starts with a blank page, because...well, just because. I am told that one reader of this site starts a browser session with this page, which is astounding.

So what's your start page? (This does not seem to apply to AOLers, who get forcefed whatever AOL Time Warner Altria Nabisco Chevron chooses to shove at them.)

Posted at 11:17 AM to Blogorrhea, because I have some mistaken thought that I will win $$. Loads fast too.

Posted by: susanna at 12:21 PM on 25 April 2003

I use my own page as my took me about 2 years before I figured out that my page can and does contain all of my Daily Reads, including blogs, news sites, opinion sites, etc.

Why on earth would anybody use Yahoo, Excite, or some such as their home page?

Posted by: DavidMSC at 7:02 PM on 25 April 2003

Uh...I mean, why would any BLOGGER with his/her own page use Yahoo, Excite, etc...?

Posted by: DavidMSC at 7:03 PM on 25 April 2003

I use a link-laden page I wrote for myself and keep it on the local drive. I hate getting the occasional "page not found" message when I first start my browser.

Posted by: MarcL at 7:28 PM on 25 April 2003

Make that two. I start here as well.

Posted by: Steve at 8:36 PM on 25 April 2003

If I just open my browser, it goes to my home page. But I also have a link to open it at my blog -- and I use that more often.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 10:36 PM on 25 April 2003

I use the IE default . .
I like the cutesy "People" type stories and headlines.

I would imagine you find yourself constantly fighting with first this one and then that one wanting to replace your "About.Blank" with their url :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:13 AM on 27 April 2003