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26 April 2003

Next: Armed Robbers Support Group

An operation called (dot org?) is suing antispam groups, charging that they harass legitimate businesses.

Max Power reports that he went looking for a copy of the complaint at the group's Web site, but "it's been shut down for spam violations."

Imagine that.

Posted at 11:25 AM to Scams and Spams

"Armed Robbers Support Group"?

Try Robber sues clerk who shot him during holdup because among other things, the shooting had "prevented him from transacting his business" and that he continued to "suffer nightmares as the result of this assault upon his life."

Posted by: Ravenwood at 11:41 PM on 26 April 2003

And the Menendez brothers ask for clemency because, after all, they're orphans.

The perversity of some people knows no bounds.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:47 AM on 27 April 2003