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29 April 2003

Piling high and deep

If your eyes glaze over at a title like Media and the social construction of crime and policing: Process and Effect, you're probably not alone; its very flow suggests industrial-strength academic word-crunching. And that's precisely what Susanna Cornett is going to have to be doing: that's the title of the core proposal for her doctorate, which she will submit to her faculty advisor this week.

Sounds serious, right? And of course it is. I do hope she is able to retain some semblance of her sense of humor through it all. She's posted the actual proposal (it's on Blogspot, so archive pages may be flakier than country biscuits) for those of us who keep wanting to know where the heck has she been fercryingoutloud.

And when it's all over and she's torn out far less of her hair than she thought she would, she'll lean back and say, "You know, that was a darn fine job." Count on it.

Posted at 7:17 AM to Almost Yogurt

I had no sense of humor to start with. Whatsamattawitu?

Posted by: susanna at 2:42 PM on 30 April 2003

Pick any page here for a list. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:56 PM on 30 April 2003