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29 April 2003

Take the A list

Today is Duke Ellington's birthday, and the local classical station, which runs a daily segment on composers born on this date, just finished playing a respectful (and not, in my opinion, particularly swinging) arrangement for brass ensemble of "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" and a suitably-pensive solo piano performance of "Solitude".

I have to wonder what self-described "music elitist" Lynn Sislo would make of this; I suspect it's something along the lines of "This is all very nice, but what's it doing on a classical station?" God forbid she should find out they produce a local program devoted to film scores.

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Ellington Lives!


Posted by: Mark W. Anderson at 3:23 PM on 29 April 2003

hmmmm.... I'm not sure what I think of that. Any kind of classical radio station is pretty rare. There are none in my listening area. I can just barely pick up the station in Stillwater but the reception is so bad I don't bother. I understand that Tulsa's NPR station plays music in the evening but I rarely have the chance to listen that time of day.

The point being, around here I don't think a station devoted only to serious classical music would get enough listeners to stay on the air. Almost any kind of classical station would be better than what I have now. Besides, having mix of styles on the same station my be a good thing because it would attract more listeners to classical music. With enough exposure people who are really interested will learn the difference but first you have to get them to listen.

Posted by: Lynn S at 6:40 PM on 29 April 2003

The inability to edit comments is a never ending source of humiliation to me. :-)

Posted by: Lynn S at 6:42 PM on 29 April 2003

Twice in the last 30 years or so they've tried to set up a commercial classical station in Tulsa; neither lasted more than a couple of years. The University of Tulsa, licensee of KWGS, has a permit to construct a second station at 88.7, which is rumored to be a classical service, but it's only 5,000 watts. (The KWGS facility at 89.5 runs 50,000 watts.) We are more fortunate at this end of the turnpike; our noncommercial classical station has been up and running for twenty years and more.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:03 PM on 29 April 2003