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29 April 2003

Bibbiti, bobbiti boos

Bigwig hates Sleeping Beauty.

No, really. I mean, he truly hates it:

It's a horrible annoying video, worse than Barney at his smarmiest, or Barbie at her boobiest. The heroine is Walt Disney's blandest of all time, not to mention the crappiest female role model for little girls since Marie Antoinette. She makes Snow White look like a paragon of forcefulness.

It's hard to decide which is worse in the movie, the off hand yet absolute depiction of women as powerless objects, or the horribly twisted sexual subtext of the whole thing. As Song of The South is to African Americans, so Sleeping Beauty is to women.

Can anything be done about this?

Someone should remake this movie with a man as the sleeper, and a hard-drinking, foul-mouthed Briar Rose as the rescuer. Have her invade the witch's castle amid a torrent of gunfire and acres of blood, execute Maleficent with a graphic shot to the back of her head, light a cigarette and leave the prince to his slumber.

At the very least, she'd be a better role model for my daughter [than] Disney's limp blonde noodle is.

Methinks Bigwig is too fond of Lara Croft for his own good, but I have to admit: of all of Disney's "classic" films in the vault, Sleeping Beauty is probably the one I'm least likely to buy on DVD.

I'll have to ask my daughter (age 25) about this.

Posted at 1:09 PM to Almost Yogurt

I'm almost 45 and I think it's bullsh__. I'll have to admit that Sleeping Beauty is not one of my favorite Disney movies - I barely even remember it - but why are feminine women considered bad role models? WHY? Okay, don't get me started on this. If I'm still irritated later I might post something on my blog about it.

One more thing, I am particularly annoyed by the negative mention of Song of the South. This is one of the most beautiful animated features of all time. It is NOT racist by any stretch of the imagination. (Well, okay...some people's imaginations stretch pretty far, I guess) In fact, it was sympathetic to black people at a time when open racism was extremely common. Disney ought to be forced to either re-release it or else give up rights to it.

Posted by: Lynn S at 6:11 PM on 29 April 2003

I have to second Lynn on the Song of the South being misconstrued. It was a very major force for seeing blacks as human at a time when they were considered anything but.

As for Sleeping Beauty, its saccharine storyline and horrible message about women is precisely why they named a psychological syndrome after it.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 12:41 AM on 1 May 2003