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5 June 2003

Announcing World Tour '03

It's only just now starting to take shape, but it begins on 13 July and will continue through the rest of the month and into the beginning of August.

Already things are not happening according to plan, but given the vague, inchoate nature of those plans anyway, I don't consider this a particular disadvantage.

Four venues are on the Must list this year:

Bloomington, Minnesota: The Mall of America, just because. (I will be accompanied for this segment by my two children, both of whom are hoping I will buy them stuff.)

Flat Rock, Michigan: My car would like to meet its parents, so to speak; more important, this gives me a chance to watch Dean Esmay get older.

Jamesburg, New Jersey: Annual pilgrimage to the spiritual home of tollbooths, and a two-day party.

Floyd County, Virginia: Just once I'd like to fact-check Fred on something.

As usual, I will be schlepping a notebook and will post daily updates from the road (well, actually from the hotel room); there will be a Movable Type category set up to keep the pertinent posts together.

Previous World Tours have averaged 4,500 miles or so; I suspect this one will be about the same. This very journey, needless to say, is a slap in the face of the Extremely Green, who envision a world where "Is this trip really necessary?" is exhumed from World War II rationing days and thrown up at motorists at every opportunity, and who can't imagine why someone might want to burn up a couple hundred gallons of gas for fun, fercrissake. In some ways I envy them — I've never quite been able to strike the perfect balance between anxiety and smugness, something they manage almost effortlessly — but they'll never understand the call of the open road, the delight of a perfectly-executed 50-mph apex on a 30-mph curve, the wonder of so many places separated by so much space. Maybe they can think about it while they wait for the bus.

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Hello...? Charles? You know, Montana is a pretty neat place to visit, too!

Maybe next year...?

Posted by: David at 9:32 PM on 5 June 2003

Hey David, if I could get some time off, I could do Montana. I love driving up I-25. I love a road trip, so you have a good one CG.

Posted by: Tiger at 12:48 AM on 6 June 2003


I miss the West...

Posted by: McGehee at 7:37 AM on 6 June 2003

#1 child has indicated that some day she'd like to wander up to Alberta (the West Edmonton Mall, maybe?), and, well, getting there almost demands going through Montana.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:46 AM on 6 June 2003

Wander theough Fayettenam on your way north, we'll buy you beer.

Posted by: Matt at 9:57 PM on 6 June 2003

Went through there last year, got hopelessly lost.

No, really. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:07 PM on 6 June 2003