The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

5 June 2003


John at Collinization comes up with another reason to, in his words, "get the hell out of New York":

When I was a little kid, there were fireworks all over the neighborhoods on the fourth of July. All day, and all night, mortars going off, roman candles in the neighbor's yard, one year my dad even got one of those pinwheels and set it off; the whole block came down to watch it with the oos and ahhs.

Last year, me and a few friends were shooting off bottle rockets in an open field behind an elementary school, at night, and the school had been closed for a month. 3 separate people called the police on us. On the fourth of July. For lighting fireworks.

It's probably a good thing Mardi Gras isn't held in New York; they'd probably ban the parade because of the hazards of secondhand beads.

Posted at 11:43 AM to Dyssynergy

I like his writing! He tells a good tale!

Posted by: Tiger at 12:51 AM on 6 June 2003